Book Talk Tuesday

I read a lot of fiction. And a fair amount of non-fiction.

I’m just finishing up The Tipping Point by one of my favorite non-fiction writers. I loved his Outliers (and have blogged about it). Blink was also wonderful.

Malcolm Gladwell has a rare gift. He can take a subject like crime statistics or smoking deterrents or Jewish lawyers practicing in New York and make it come alive.


In The Tipping Point he talks about what causes something like an epidemic to spread, or a fad to catch on. How information, knowledge, and wisdom are passed from one person to another. What makes one message stick and another fall into the abyss of our overloaded input file.

I see the world differently, thanks to Mr. Gladwell.


Today, I’m praying for: Ellen, me, Shawna.

Last read: See above.

Last movie: The Book of Eli – took me a little while to get into it, but definitely thought provoking with a neat little twist at the end.

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