Woe! It’s Wednesday

Sometimes it seems like the Christian walk is a constant battle between self and culture.

Scripture says I’m worthless apart from God, deserving only death.

Contemporary society says I deserve nothing but the best, including L’Oreal hair color, a luxury car, and all the pampering my body can take.

Scripture says God is active in my life. He has plans and He works everything out for good.

Society says I have to take matters into my own hands and make my own destiny.

Scripture says He knew me before I was knit together in my mother’s womb, that I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Society says if I don’t like my cheeks, my nose, my lips, my whatever, I deserve to be sculpted, lifted, and lasered to my liking.

I’m dealing with some people in my life who seem so self-centered I’m surprised they venture out at night, seeing as they believe the moon follows them wherever they go.

I figured that someday, something would happen and they would realize that the world in fact spins on its own axis and not around them.

It doesn’t seem to be happening. Years have gone by and they are still only concerned with what happens in their orb and how it affects them.

A flood in my kitchen? “Oh, did I tell you about the time I had a drippy faucet that kept me awake all night?”

My family member struggling with illness? “Oh, remember the time I had a hangnail and it stung so badly I couldn’t even open the mail?”

Money/retirement issues? “Oh, I know. I had to give up my People magazine subscription because you know, they want $2 an issue now!”

It makes me want to shake them and yell. Loudly.

But then I’m reminded that it’s not all about me. And just maybe there might be something wrong with them (narcissism?) to keep them so insulated and inner-focused.

And I resolve to give them another chance.

So I sigh and say, “No, I don’t remember. Please tell me again.”

God knows, I may need another chance myself some day.


Today, I’m praying for: Bob and Stacey, Evelyn, Laura and John’s baby, and Jaimee’s family.

Last book: Licensed for Trouble by Susan May Warren – Loved it!

Last movie: Inkheart

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