Book Talk Tuesday

It’s time once again to talk about my friends’ books.


Angel Song by Kathryn Cushman and Sheila Walsh.

Angel Song by Kathryn Cushman and Sheila Walsh

Ann Fletcher has returned to Charleston to celebrate her sister’s Master’s degree. A tragic accident turns the graduation party into a funeral.

Just before Sarah died, she hummed a snatch of a song. That melody haunts Ann until she flees Charleston for New York. But circumstances keep conspiring to pull her back to her childhood home and the new friends she’s made there, including the Down syndrome boy next door, Keith.

Keith talks about the angels he sees, which makes Ann very uncomfortable. That church stuff was okay for her grandmother and her sister, but Ann doesn’t need that crutch any more.

Ann learns she’s not as tough as she thinks and she’s definitely not as in control.

Katie did a wonderful job putting Sheila’s story on paper and making it real with characters you feel might walk into your own kitchen and sit down for a glass of sweet tea.

I loved it!

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