Woe! It’s Wednesday

It’s ironic that after my rant last week about self-centered people that a comment from a friend really ticked me off. Basically, someone pointed their finger at me and made an erroneous statement.
It couldn't be more wrong.
I lost a little sleep.
I ranted to a few trusted confidantes.
I wrote a scathing rebuttal.
And deleted it.

Something I've been learning lately is when to speak up and when to shut up. I just wish every situation came with directions so I knew what to do.
I'm thinking this is one I need to speak up on. But to the person who made the comment.
I've noticed that when I need to speak up, but don't, I end up eating something I wish I hadn't, or wasting time on a computer game as I replay the scene in my mind. Obviously, I'm not dealing with the issues.
I think if I could shrug it off and go about my business, that would be my guidance. Since I can't seem to get past it, I need to pay heed to the other guidance, too.

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