Book Talk Tuesday

I’ve been a voracious reader since I first saw Dick and Jane chase Spot around the yard. When desperate, I’ve been known to read labels and phone books.

Now that my eyesight has made it difficult to see anything on a label except pictures, I’ve had to give up that past time. But I still love to read.

Mostly fiction.

Which makes it odd that I fell in love with an amazing nonfiction book.

Malcolm Gladwell wrote Blink and The Tipping Point. Then he came out with Outliers.


I couldn’t put it down. Then I went back and read Blink.  The Tipping Point is now number two on my stack and I hope to get to it this week.

Outliers is about what makes success possible. We’re often taught that it’s the result of perseverance, determination, talent, etc.

Gladwell doesn’t discount those things, but he says your family history, your environment, and the available resources in your family and community may have more to do with it than you thought.

It’s a fascinating study of success and how it’s achieved. I talked about that book for months.

I can’t wait to get to The Tipping Point and do the same.


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