Woe! It’s Wednesday

It’s been said that Christians are the only group that shoots its wounded.

I have to add, we’re also the ones who believe that if we fake it, eventually we’ll believe our own hype.

I’m talking about Christians who believe if they are vulnerable and real, it somehow gives God bad press. So they work double time on being perfect, to show the world how wonderful their life is and how God solved all their problems and all they have to do is sing praise songs all day.

What a bunch of hooey.

I get angry when someone cuts in front of me in traffic.

I cry and feel hurt when someone says something thoughtless.

I’ve been struggling with memories of past grievances. Snubs, gossip, and apathy have been shown to me. Even by members of my own church. I let go of the hurts a long time ago. Truly I did. Or I thought I did.

Recently I noticed that when I bump into one of those clueless persons, the first thought I have is of how they hurt either me or a member of my family.

I guess I thought I had forgiven and moved on, thought I could fake it. Apparently not.

So, years after the slight, which the person probably has no recollection of, how do I let go? I remind myself that God knows, and He cares.

And a little piece of me really hopes it’s true, that what goes around comes around. Of course, if it does, its likely the person who hurt me or someone close to me won’t even equate their hurt to what they did.

I wish that were okay, but a part of me really wants them to get it, to know that what they did or said was hurtful and it’s not all right, even years later.


Today I’m praying for Evelyn, Linda, Abbie, and Amber.

Current book: I’m reading several for review, so stay tuned.

Last movie: 17 Again. Cute!

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