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So Katherine Heigl is filming the first Stephanie Plum movie based on the books by Janet Evanovich. I’ve already blogged about who I think should play Stephanie (Sandra Bullock is the Jersey bounty hunter).

I have Sizzling Sixteen on my To Be Read stack and I’m looking forward to it. The books get livelier and more implausible with each outing, but I’m okay with that. I know what to expect, it won’t demand a lot from me, and I will have passed a few hours with a book. It’s all good.


I recently saw Eat, Pray, Love. I reviewed the book a few years ago for this site and I enjoyed it. I loved the first third set in Italy. Except for Richard from Texas, I could have skipped the middle portion in India. The final section in Indonesia was excellent.

The movie version tried really hard, but it couldn’t quite capture Liz Gilbert’s wit and humor. So much of the book is her inner musings on life and love. She knows she’s whining, and she’s honest about her feelings and conflicts. I’m a Julia Roberts fan and I’m sure she and Liz could be friends. I’d be the loser on the outside of their clique, I’m sorry to say.

Anyway, the movie just didn’t quite do it for me.


Ramona and Beezus was the movie. The book is Beezus and Ramona. Billing is everything, you know.

Whatever you call them, both the book and the movie are delightful.

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