Wednesday Addendum

Security may be over-rated. Just a tad.
Several months ago, people all over Facebook were abuzz about making sure that your FB page was safe and the first step was to look at the address of your page and make sure it started with https:// not just http:// 
So I did.
Sure enough, I didn't havet the s. So I dutifully did the steps to make my page more secure. And that's when it all fell apart.
I hadn't been hacked with the previous settings. I didn't have any problems at all. But once I added the s, all of a sudden my blog and twitter posts stopped appearing on my Facebook page. It's been months and I still don't have it fixed. Tweets are now back, but I can't seem to get twitterfeed or Blogger or anything else to post to Facebook when I have new blog posts.
I've tweaked. I've massaged. I've re-inputted info.
I'm hoping this one does it. We'll see...

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