Woe! It’s Wednesday

We gave up.

We took Jake to the pound last week.

He’s incorrigible.

He was doing better. Obeying, mostly.

I turned my back for thirty seconds and he darted into the street and bit a neighbor going for a walk.

We took him in the next day. He’s in a 10 day lockdown for rabies quarantine.

I feel badly.

But I know, intellectually, that we gave him every chance. Lots more chances than many people would have given him.

My heart aches for his future.

But I can’t risk the well-being of our family and neighbors on the hopes that he’ll grow out of his stubbornness. But his behavior in the last few weeks escalated.

It was the right thing to do.

I still miss his sweet face with his pink nose, checking to see what I’m reading and who I’m talking to. I miss his tall lanky legs as we walk down the street. I miss him.



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