Woe! It's Wednesday

I had to search through several months of back posts and I was surprised and a little dismayed to see how really cranky I come off in some of these rants. I'm a pretty even-tempered person, easy-going, not too demanding. But maybe it's because I get to rant and rave online regularly.
There is something very freeing about being able to write one's thoughts and feelings and send them out into the blogosphere, not knowing if anyone will ever read it.
I've tried hard not to attack anyone personally, and I often change details if I'm afraid someone will recognize themselves. Actually, I'm more afraid that the wrong person will think I'm writing about them and be offended when it was really about someone and something else entirely different.
I've also tried not to write anything that I wasn't willing to say to someone's face. Or at least to their voicemail.
I'm a work in progress, much like the rest of the world.
Sometimes I mess up. Sometimes I don't.
I hope I do more of the latter than the former.
About all of life though, not just blogging.

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