Woe! It’s Wednesday

Well, if I’m writing this and you’re reading it, I guess the world didn’t end Saturday.

It amazes me that since the Bible is so clear and specifically addresses the fact that no one can or will know the date and time of Christ’s return, that someone is so arrogant as to think they can figure it out.

Believers on Facebook and various writer forums and loops were divided whether Harold Camping is damaging Christian testimony and evangelism or whether he can be disregarded as just crazy.

Author Randy Ingermanson said it nicely. He gave me permission to quote him:

The most flaming atheist in the world has DNA that is 99.9%
identical to the DNA of Harold Camping.  Whereas the theology of most Christians is probably only about 80% identical to that of Harold Camping.
This means that there's a 20% difference theologically between Camping and most Christians, but there is only .1% difference genetically between Camping and the atheist.

Randy Ingermanson went on to say that there’s no reason Christians should be ashamed of Camping or try to make excuses for him, since most of us are so far removed, theologically, from him.

I agree.

What do you think?


Today, I’m praying for Josh, Yelena’s daughter, and the tornado victims in the mid-West.

Last book: I’m in the middle of The Violet Flash, as I mentioned yesterday. And I’m also in the middle of Water for Elephants. I’m trying to finish it so I can go see the movie before it leaves the theatres.

Last movie: Centurion.  Lot’s of blood, gore, and violence. It’s a Gladiator-wannabe.


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