Book Talk Tuesday: Maid To Match


For someone who doesn’t read historicals, I’ve been adding quite a few notches to my historical belt recently.

I downloaded Maid to Match because it was a free Kindle download. But it was so good, and I enjoyed it so much, I would have paid for it. In fact, I will pay for future Deeanne Gist titles, so the publisher’s strategy totally paid off when it came to me.

Tillie Reese is head parlormaid at the Vanderbilt mansion. She hopes to be promoted to lady’s maid. Until a tall, handsome stranger hires on as a useful man. Mack Danvers upsets Tillie in all kinds of ways. Including making her doubt her aspirations to see the world through the travels of another woman.

I really enjoyed Maid to Match.

Let me know what you think!

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