Book Talk Tuesday: Love on the Line

Didn’t I just say that I’d read another Deeanne Gist after I read and reviewed Maid to Match a couple of weeks ago?

Well, I didn’t have to wait long. A friend handed me a copy of Love on the Line and said, “I loved this. I think you will, too.”

She was right.


Georgie Gail is a switchboard operator and bird lover in Brenham, Texas.

Luke Palmer is actually Lucius Landrum, a Texas Ranger, working undercover to find an outlaw train robber. Luke is working with Georgie as a lineman for the phone company. His job is hampered by the community’s regard for the outlaw, who’s known to give some of his ill-gotten gains to the local needy. Georgie is one of the townsfolk who sees Frank Comer as a Texan Robin Hood.

Sparks fly. Love blooms. Birds take flight.

I sure seem to be reviewing a lot of historicals lately, even though I often say I don’t read historicals. I think I’m being converted by the great stories, colorful characters, and well-crafted prose.

One day soon, I may even pick up a historical instead of a contemporary, if given the choice.

It could happen.

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