Book Talk Tuesday on a Monday

I read a couple of really great books last week and over the weekend and since I already have the next few Book Talk Tuesdays written and scheduled, I’ve decided to spotlight these two on a Monday.


First up was Medical Error, Richard Mabry’s newest in his Prescription for Trouble medical suspense series published by Abingdon.

Medical Error The first one, Code Blue, was out in the spring and I enjoyed it. And I’m glad to say I love Medical Error. The pacing is great, the characters are believable and I learned more than I ever wanted to about the implications of identity theft and insurance fraud. Wow!

I’ve written a more detailed review that will be soon posted here.


Then, I got my hands on Shawn Grady’s latest, Tomorrow We Die. (Shawn’s first book, Through the Fire, published by Bethany House, is currently on sale at Amazon for $5.60. A bargain!)

Jonathan Trestle has been accepted to med school so his days of chasing the Angel of Death around Reno for little more than burger flipping wages as a paramedic are numbered.

One patient doesn’t die though. At least not before shoving a paper at Jonathan with odd markings all over it.

His conscience won’t let Jonathan get rid of the message so he attempts to deliver it.

Jonathan and his friend Naomi then get sucked into a web of lies, greed, and murder.

My pulse raced throughout the last fifty pages and for quite a while after I closed the book. I considered calling for a paramedic, but I knew it wouldn’t be either Shawn or Jonathan. So I just put a wet compress on my head and lay down for a while. Tomorrow We Die is highly recommended.


Both Richard and Shawn are friends but I would buy their books and read them and love them even if they didn’t promise me large bundles of cash… What? … Okay, what about the chocolate? I’m still getting the chocolate, right? RIGHT?? … sigh. Fine. 

Seriously, I love these novels. Go buy them. Ask your library to order them. Just get your hands on ‘em, whatever it takes.


Today, I’m praying for: Stacey, my tendonitis, Abbie, and Pastor Bill’s family (yes, we’ve lost another friend).

Last movie: Toy Story 3 – LOVED it!

Last book: See above

Currently reading: On the Run: The Story of a Mafia Childhood by Gregg and Gina Hill


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