Woe! It’s Wednesday.

After last weeks mini-rant about idols and theology, my husband cautioned me not to upset the apple cart just to get some specimens for applesauce.

I know what he’s saying. I do, on occasion, like to see if something I say will get a reaction and what kind of reaction. I’ve also learned, that if something happens that I don’t particularly like, well, I asked for it.

In honor of that urge, I’ve decided to institute, Woe! It’s Wednesday. It will be a weekly rant or observation or maybe even a guest post from some rabble rouser.

This week I’m going to vent a little.

Disclaimer: I know I’m a dirty rotten sinner saved by grace.

But, I’m also a nice person.

I don’t deliberately say or do hurtful things. If a friend needs a kind word or some encouragement, or a cup of coffee, I’m there. 

As I touched on a few weeks ago, in my post about hurt feelings, sometimes I’m not motivated by altruism. Sometimes it’s selfishness. I figure if I do something nice for you, the least you’ll do for me is not snub me, or gossip about me. Maybe, you’ll thank me, but it doesn’t matter if you do. I enjoyed doing it. Still, an acknowledgement would be nice.

There are people in my life who I’ve been doing nice things for for, literally, years. Once, about six years, one of them threw off a comment, “Oh, we can always count on Carrie to (fill in the blank).” That was enough for me for six years.

I’m tired. I’ve been pouring into their emotional tanks for so long, mine is now depleted. I’d like to do something for them. My mind is still willing. There’s just nothing left in my heart to give.

If someone is doing something nice for you, at least acknowledge it. Maybe that’s all they want is for you to notice.

That’s all. It’s not hard.


Praying for: Cindy’s father-in-law, Stacey, Cheryl, and the above situation

Currently reading: State Fair by Earlene Fowler. It’s been on MT. TBR for a month and I finally got to it.

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