Book Talk Tuesday

Fridays are for fiction. Tuesdays are now for talking about books. What I’ve read recently. What I liked. What didn’t work for me.
When I’m at a conference and sitting near a “name” author, and am too paralyzed to talk about my own work and don’t want to appear stupid or uninformed about theirs, I’ll often ask them what they’ve read recently or what their favorite book was in the last few months.
I’ve gotten some dynamite recommendations for books I probably would not have picked up otherwise.

First up: 
The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield. This was recommended to me by Sue B., an editor with Zondervan.
The language is beautiful, the prose is poetic, and the story is first rate.
I probably would not have picked this one up on my own, but I reserved it at the library a little over two years ago.
It’s part gothic tale, complete with a creepy old house on the moors and a secret wing where no is allowed.
It’s part mystery. What happened in the burned out house?
It’s part romance. Where will the shy bookseller meet Mr. Right?
It’s a gripping story from start to finish and highly recommended.

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