Book Talk Tuesday

I seem sort of obssessed with Mennonites these days.

Two summers ago I read (and loved and laughed my way through) Mennonite in a Little Black Dress. My current Fiction Friday is about a Mennonite young woman. I also recently read and loved, City of Tranquil Light, by Bo Caldwell.
City of Tranquil Light: A Novel
I received the book to review for Author's Choice reviews.
I loved the book. It's a beautifully crafted novel based on the author's grandparents lives as Mennonite missionaries to China in the early twentieth century.
I have friends, casual and close, who are Mennonite and some are even missionaries. So I come to Mennonite fiction with a pretty high standared. City of Tranquil Light exceeded my expectations. By a lot.
There are parts that are hard to read, particularly some senseless deaths. But it also gives what feels like a pretty realistic look at the life of a missionary in a third world country.
Highly recommended!

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