Book Talk Tuesday

 One Day by David Nicholls

I'm a big proponent of the happy ending.
But occasionally I read a book without one. Even more occasionally I read a book that demands a sad ending. My Sister's Keeper is the first one that comes to mind. If the story and the writing are truly captivating.
I'm still squishy about the ending of One Day.
It's a lovely book and I enjoyed it from the beginning to it's non-happily-ever-after ending. (The book has been reviewed and discussed enough so that I'm not giving anything away to say that.)
The story vehicle would be a little trite in lesser hands. The book follows Dexter and Emma on one particular day in July every year for twenty years. It could have been precious (I mean that not in a good way) or too cute, but Nicholls makes it work.
We follow Dex and Em from their college graduation, through assorted jobs, marriages, loves, and situations. Life isn't always fair but it's always life.
Of course, Hollywood came calling and a movie is coming out based on the book. Nicholls crammed twenty years into several hundred pages. I want to see what they choose to put into 96 minutes of film.

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