Woe! It’s Wednesday

So last Friday we were at a local hospital while our son-in-law was having back surgery.

We parked in a wide open lot, with security cameras.

Mid-morning, hubby decided to move the truck under a tree for the shade.

Two hours later, he returns to the truck, turns it on, notices it seems to be running really LOUDLY. Dad was with him and Dad hops out to check if the muffler was stolen.

No, the muffler was there.

The catalytic converter was stolen.

From a hospital parking lot.

I don’t know which is worse, the loss of a $900 piece of legally required equipment or the fact that it was taken from a truck at the hospital.

How low are you to steal from someone at a hospital? For all they knew, we just pulled the plug on someone. Talk about evil and depraved.

They probably sold it the next day at a swap meet for $150.

Pathetic. Creeps.

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