Woe! It’s Wednesday

I had an idea last week for a great Woe! topic.

But I didn’t write it down because it was sooo perfect, I knew I’d remember it.

Now it’s Wednesday and I sit down to write. Can I remember it?

Of course not!

Sometimes I think my brain is too full of minutiae and there’s no more room for the important stuff.

I can recite random lines from Friends. “That’s a moo point … it’s like a cow’s opinion-it doesn’t matter.”

I know the lyrics to The Brady Bunch theme song. “It’s the story… of a man named Brady…”

But can I remember the kind of ink my printer takes? Nope. I have to look it up every single time.

I’ve directed my subconscious mind to come up with the topic again and I will write it down this time. Hopefully, next week’s post will be about … whatever it was.

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