Book Talk Tuesday: A Bride’s Portrait of Dodge City



Bride's Portrait


A great book with a bad name. Well, maybe not a bad name, but a poor one. This name tells nothing about the book, except yes, it takes place in Dodge City and there’s photography. And of course, a bride (two, actually) at the end, because it’s a romance.

Addie Reid came to Dodge City hoping to leave her past behind her. Deputy Miles Carr hoped the same thing. Both are unaware how much their pasts have in common and that their hopes are doomed.

When Vin Rutter, a former member of the Walker Gang, comes to town, he brings the hidden secrets to the open. When the owner of the mercantile is murdered, Miles is put in charge of the investigation. He soon realizes that his past is going to come to light.

Addie is trying to hold on to her business but Vin is determined to get something from her that she doesn’t have. Her studio is demolished and her hopes of saving her business and keeping her secrets are dashed.

I enjoyed this book. I took my time reading it, and each time I picked it up, I was able to easily rejoin the story world. Dodge City and the early days of photography are recreated on the page. Bat Masterson and the law enforcement of a bustling cattle town are characters in the novel and nicely drawn.

I recommend A Bride’s Portrait of Dodge City by Erica Vetsch, especially to fans of historical romance.

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