Woe! It’s Wednesday

It really is a small world.

And we’re all interconnected.

A long time friend of ours (we’ll call him … Buford) had a best friend growing up named … Bubba. Bubba played the french horn.

Bubba and Buford grew up and remained friends until Bubba died suddenly as a young husband and dad. His widow Sissy moved to Fresno to be closer to her family. She joined a local church. She remarried.

Buford came to visit us and we went to church where he ran into Sissy for the first time in seventeen years, give or take.

A few years later, the choir director at our church decided to start an orchestra. Another friend of ours, Giuseppe, played french horn but his horn was old and not in good shape. Sissy offered to let Giuseppe borrow Bubba’s horn to play as long as he liked. Giuseppe played it for years and in fact bought it from Sissy.

I played french horn in the high school band. My first high school had four horn players. My second had only two, me and Rufus. I graduated a year before Rufus and never saw him again.

We reconnected on Facebook a few months ago. The first thing he messaged to me was, “I was thinking about you the other day. The church we go to has two horn players in the orchestra, one male and one female.”

Yep. Rufus and his wife recently began attending our church.

So many intersecting points.

I never knew Bubba but I know his widow, his best friend as a kid, and the man who plays his horn now. I went thirty-four years without seeing Rufus, but now I see him almost weekly. He (and many others at church) enjoy the worship which includes a french horn with history.

I just learned today that (okay, fair warning, you’ll have to pay attention to follow this one) my hair stylist’s ex-husband and his wife attend our church too. His mother-in-law has been a longtime volunteer in the Sunday School department, where she ministered alongside my daughter when she taught second graders.

This reminds me of another story … when we lived in Southern California, we went to a very large church. Where (at least) four members (that I knew of at the time) all graduated from a tiny high school in a tiny town west of Fresno. I think my graduating class had about 120 kids, give or take. I presume the other classes had about the same. That four of us from three different classes all landed at the same church seemed unlikely to me. But it happened.

Because we’re all interconnected.

It really is a small world.


  1. It truly is a small world!! I love those connections!

    1. Me too, Alida! And I'm so glad we're still connected, even through the years and over the miles.