Book Talk Tuesday: Tiger Lillie

book cover of 

Tiger Lillie 


Lisa Samson

Tiger Lillie came out in 2004. I heard really good things about it. I’ve read a few other Lisa Samson titles and I enjoyed them, I just never got around to Tiger Lillie. Until last week.

I could not put it down.

Lillie is a Strong Hungarian Woman, just like her mother and grandmother. She’s single, a little overweight, and the bean-counting partner in a wedding planning business. 

Lillie’s struggles and feelings are real and pure. Even though I’m a Weak California Woman, Lillie’s emotions resonated with me.

Her sister is disappearing into a marriage to a control and religion freak. Her parents are getting older and distraught at the changes they see in the daughter who is slipping away.

I’ve also read Songbird by Lisa.

Songbird  Several people told me they couldn’t get into Songbird, but I thought the voice was so distinct and the story and protagonist so strong, I couldn’t not get into it.  If you know what I mean.

I admit it. I’m a Lisa Samson fangirl.

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