Book Talk Tuesday: Innocent Deceptions


A friend and critique partner recommend Innocent Deceptions by Gwyneth Atlee. She knew I was working on a historical romance set in the Civil War with spying and she’d recently been reading this one. I put it on my Kindle and dug in.

Innocent Deceptions


I’m almost done and I’m to the part where I can see how they’ll get their “happily ever after,” but I’m trusting we will get there.

Charlotte Randolph’s Memphis home has been overtaken by Yankees. She flees with her young brother, but her older brother insists she return home to live with the Union soldiers and to pass on information that she acquires.

Against her will and good judgment, Charlotte acquiesces.

She flirts with the men. She bats her eyes. She tells three different soldiers that she’s in love with them. She accepts marriage proposals.

All the men in the house believe her feminine wiles.

All, that is, except Ben Chandler, a Texan who’s already lost one leg to the war and is assigned to General Branard at the Randolph house as an easy job while he recuperates. He’s also doing a bit of spying on the aged general. 

Ben knows Charlotte isn’t being honest, but he can’t help falling for her.

Charlotte knows Ben doesn’t believe her and is watching her every move. But why can’t she can’t get him and their stolen kiss out of her mind.

Charlotte flees home with her brother when she realizes her game will have deadly consequences for the young boy. Ben chases and finds her and they declare their love.

Charlotte returns to Memphis and is placed under arrest.

That’s where I am.

I love this story.

It’s not a “Christian” or inspirational romance, there is a love scene. There’s a few cuss words.

It’s a good story excellently told and recommended for lovers of historical romance. 

It’s loosely based on the true story of Confederate spy Antonia Ford.

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