Book Talk Tuesday: Kindred in Death

I’m crazy about J.D. Robb and her Lt. Eve Dallas. I love the stories. I love the near future setting of a gritty New York City. I love the character growth of both Eve and her husband Roarke.

coverKindred in Death isn’t a new release, but I just got to it in my stack. I’ve actually read the next few already but that didn’t detract from my enjoyment of this one at all.

Eve is enjoying a rare weekend off but she’s called in to work when a fellow police officer arrived home early from a holiday weekend to find his teenage daughter brutally murdered.

I love how Robb takes us along with Eve on her investigation. We’re in it together and completely baffled at the beginning. As Eve begins, we get the clues and test results back as she does and we get to follow her brain process as she figures out who the killer is and why. The second murder is a slap in her face and ours and we’re racing around the city to stop the next one.

Eve and Roarke’s personal lives are interwoven skillfully. Eve is maturing from book to book and learning how to be a loving wife and friend.

If you like tightly plotted mysteries and haven’t discovered Lt. Eve Dallas, treat yourself. Kindred in Death would be a great introduction.


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