Book Talk Tuesday: Vanished

Yes, I’m on a romantic suspense bandwagon and am tooting Irene Hannon’s horn.

Vanished is the first in a new series called Private Justice.

VanishedMoira Harrison is returning home on a rainy night when she comes around a corner and a woman is standing in the road. Moira skids off the road, but caught a glimpse of the terrified woman’s face. A Good Samaritan offers help and Moira passes out. When she wakes, an hour has passed and no one has seen the Good Samaritan or the woman.

The police and medical personnel say she imagined the pair due to a concussion.

Moira knows better. She approaches private investigator Cal Burke. He agrees to check into her story. Moira recognizes the voice of her Good Samaritan on television receiving an award. She visits him but he doesn’t know her.

By then, little things aren’t adding up and Cal takes Moira’s story seriously. They get drawn into a case of a missing person as they grow closer.

Moira had a bad relationship with a cheating fiance’. Cal’s wife died because of his police work, sending him into the PI business. They both have wounds to deal with before they’re ready for a real relationship.

I enjoyed this one a lot. I didn’t think it was quite as good as In Harm’s Way, but I still stayed up way too late at night turning the pages. I recommend it.

The next two books will be about Cal’s partners in the PI firm. Hence the Private Justice title for the series. I’m looking forward to what and who are up next!

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