Book Talk Tuesday: Age Before Beauty

Age Before Beauty by Virginia Smith is a refreshing and fun read.   Allie Herrod has a new baby and doesn’t want to go back to work. But she and her husband share the bills and she feels she has to contribute. So she signs up with a direct sales party company and dives into her new business. Unfortunately, she’s out so many evenings for parties that she rarely sees her husband and when she is home, he’s wrapped up in the game on television. Life is complicated by her mother-in-law’s unannounced visit and her sister’s growing dependency on God and talking about God and Jesus.

Age Before Beauty is Book 2 in the Sister-to-Sister trilogy about the Sanderson sisters. Allie is the oldest; middle child Joan’s story was first in Stuck in the Middle. The youngest sister, Tori’s, book is Third Time’s A Charm. I haven’t read it yet, but I’m sure it’s a great conclusion to this series. The books are probably best if read in order, but each could be a standalone as well.

I recommend all three!

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