Book Talk Tuesday: The Frog Prince

I’ve been on a reading frenzy but I’m still behind. I’m suffering from a plethora of goodness. I have books to review, books to learn from and books that have been recommended as “must read”s, not to mention the books I know I’ll enjoy and just plain want to read.

    The Frog Prince was a recommendation so I requested it at the library. Actually, the author was highly recommended so I decided to start with one of her first (or maybe it is the first) of her romantic comedy contemporaries. I guess she’s been writing Harlequin romance for a while. Anyway, I chose it because the protagonist is from Fresno, so I figured I might as well start local.

Holly Bishop should still be a newlywed. Instead she’s almost divorced. She moved to San Francisco for a fresh start. Instead she’s depressed and conflicted and missing her husband who doesn’t love her anymore.

I’m not quite done with the book, but I’m enjoying it a lot. There’s some humor but a lot of heart. It’s in first person present tense, which I don’t mind, but I know a lot of readers are over that.

I’ll read another Jane Porter, so I can recommend this one with a clear conscience. There’s a little bit of language, but (so far) no sex, just some stiff kisses. Stiff because Holly is still repressed and depressed, but definitely coming out of it. I expect her to meet the prince any page now. Or maybe she already has and is about to see him for the wonderful guy he is.

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