Book Talk Tuesday: At Every Turn

I loved Anne Mateer’s first book, Wings of A Dream, so I could hardly wait to get my hands on her second novel, At Every Turn.

Alyce Benson is the pampered only daughter of the richest man in Langston, Indiana in 1916. She loves Jesus, her family, and running around the countryside in her Packard Runabout. Driving and driving fast invigorates her. One Sunday morning, after hearing from a missionary couple about their work in Africa, she rashly pledges $3000 to them and challenges the rest of the congregation to match her donation. Alyce is quite surprised when her father refuses to give her the money. But she determines she’ll earn the money herself. Except every time she makes a few dollars, she sees a need and ends up giving away all her savings.

Finally, she gives the money to a friend for safekeeping and also decides she can make more money faster by driving the racecar her father is sponsoring in several races. With the help of her friend, Webster, who is also her father’s mechanic, she disguises herself and enters the speedway.

Alyce’s life is further complicated by the attentions of Mr. Trotter, her father’s bookkeeper and her growing feelings for Webster. The two men dislike one another and she’s not sure who to believe. Until her money is stolen and her honor assaulted.

This book is well-written. I could feel the track under the tires as Alyce raced around the Chicago Motor Speedway. I felt the steering wheel vibrate in her grip.

My only criticism is that I felt Alyce was too quick to jump to conclusions about her missing money. Given what I knew about her and what she knew about the men involved, I think she would have asked more questions and presumed less. But that’s a small quibble for a book I enjoyed. I can’t wait to see what’s next for Anne Mateer and her trips through history.

I received a copy of At Every Turn from Bethany House Publishers in return for an honest review. We both kept our end of the bargain.

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