Woe! It’s Wednesday: Coffee Cup Wisdom


Some of the greatest moments in life are unscripted and complete surprises.



We were in Napa with good friends Wally and Debbie. We visited the Jack London State park. After a picnic lunch, we wandered the grounds. Wally was in front, Deb and I in the middle and Dave in the rear. Wally walked over to a barn that had old farming equipment in it. Deb and I heard a rattle. Wally jumped backward and squawked. The three of us made a wide path around the barn. Dave grabbed a stick and hurried to poke the snake. Deb and Wally gave us the mug above to commemorate the occasion.

It’s our granddaughter Evelyn’s very favorite mug. She loves to serve Grampy hot chocolate then giggle when he’s surprised.


Life is like a coffee mug. Full of surprises.

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