Book Talk Tuesday: 50% Off Murder

  I have a shopping story that’s part chick lit, part romance, so I picked up this one, curious about a shopping mystery.

It’s the first book of a series called The Good Buy Girls.

50% Off Murder is set in the village of St. Stanley, Virginia and centers on four friends who meet to exchange coupons and suss out deals.

When a man is found murdered in the library basement, one of the quartet, Claire, is arrested. Claire’s a librarian, her cake knife is the murder weapon, and one of her books is found near the body. The circumstantial evidence is damning.

Maggie is determined to prove her friend’s innocence, but she’s stymied at every turn by the new sheriff in town: her high school love, Sam.

Josie Belle shows good instincts for cozy mysteries and she knows how to lay the red herrings while not burying the real evidence.

This is a short, fun, light read. I likely won’t seek out the next book in the series because I’m too far behind in my To Be Read stack, but if it was offered to me, I’d add it to the stack.

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