Woe! It’s Wednesday: The Circle of Life


We’ve had quite a 2012. A fairly mild winter. A short spring. An endless summer – and I don’t mean in a good way. It was still in the 100s here just a week or so ago.


Summer, fall 2011 309



A view from the car window, September 2011, near Hamilton, New York.



Sunday I told Stud Muffin that I smelled fall in the air for the first time.

He scoffed and went out to wash his truck. The sun was warm and he didn’t feel the chill bite in the breeze.

Monday morning I woke up to gray rain and a grouchy husband complaining about his clean truck being rained on.

That’s the thing about time and seasons. They pass whether we’re ready for them or not.

This last weekend we heard that a family friend passed away. A niece got married. Friends announced they will be grandparents for the first time. A job opportunity came along.

We may not feel ready for winter or death. Spring and new life may seem so far away.

But God is constant and unchanging and faithful. No matter the season, the temperature or who’s in the playoffs.

That’s a comfort to me.

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