Book Talk Tuesday: Finding New Favorites

How do you find new authors?

I often find my newest favorites when a friend recommends a new-to-me writer.

That’s how I found Margaret Maron, Kristan Higgins, J.D. Robb, and Jodi Picoult.

Some I find all on my own. Agatha Christie, Claire Cook, Dick Francis, and Harlan Coban.

Several friends have been raving about Susan Wiggs so I’ve recently read three of hers. They’re very good and I enjoyed them.

But I didn’t flip for them as my friends did and it got me wondering why. She’s often marketed with other writers I enjoy, like Luanne Rice.



I’ve come up some possibilities and I have to read a bit more of her to see if I’m right.

  • Not enough humor. They’re straight women’s fiction and I like a little of the light side, a la Kristan Higgins or Kristin Billerbeck.
  • I need to read some of her newer books. As I looked at her website, I noticed the three I’ve read any of her newest releases.
  • No cute pets, like in Claire Cook’s novels.

I’ll get back to reading and let you know if I narrow it down.

In all likelihood though, I’m not reading her best, most recent work. I’ll fix that and post again.

Anyone love Susan Wiggs and have a recommendation of a newer book of hers to try?

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