Woe! It's Wednesday: Walking the Walk

We don't travel in circles with people who make the news much. For either good or bad reasons. With one exception.
I met my friend Dot when she put together a critique group. There were four of us and we were all local alumni of the Mt. Hermon Christian Writer's Conference. Our little group has grown in so many ways, including Dot's newsletter for Christian educators in the Fresno area. The Salt Fresno newsletter was a photocopied collection of pages and it's now a full color magazine. I'm privileged to write and edit for the magazine. Dot has always been encouraging and generous with opportunities.

Oh, did I mention that Dot's husband is the superintendent of Fresno County schools? Larry and Dot have invited us to their home, shared meals with us, and now they're bringing national media attention to Fresno for doing something that surprises no one who knows them.

Larry is giving up his salary for the next three and a half years and funneling that money back into some threatened programs. The Huffington Post is just one of the online news sites that are talking about Larry and Dot and their generousity.

The Powells are the kind of people who don't just talk about living their faith, they do it. Every day.

Thanks Larry and Dot, for being the kind of people who remind others that Christians can be in the news for things other than picketing funerals or bombing clinics.

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