Woe! It’s Wednesday: You Must Be So Proud

We’ve never been the kind of parents whose wellbeing or happiness or sense of accomplishment is tied up in our kids.
We love our kids, of course. We’d die for them. Literally and figuratively. We support them 100% in whatever they do.
Sure, we made mistakes in our parenting.
And they’ve made mistakes.
We still love them and are proud of (most of) their choices.
After being congratulated on how his four children turned out, my friend’s father said, “I can’t take the credit, because if they didn’t turn out, I wouldn’t take the blame.”
That sums it up nicely for me.
I have one person in my life who is determined to hold me responsible for the actions and words of an adult member of my family. I’d love to have a conversation about this but they seem to want to hold onto their anger more than they want me as a friend.
I can only shrug. But I do wonder how proud they are when their family members post public tweets about the wild time they had in Vegas and how much fun it was getting drunk last week, and about the raunchy movies they’ve been enjoying, not to mention the hookups.
I have to wonder if they don’t see a bit of the double standard.
But I don’t wonder too hard.
The people who love me are still speaking to me. They support me 100% in all that I do.
I’m blessed.

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