The Plasticization of Hollywood–Woe! It’s Wednesday


I’ve noticed that so many actresses have the same mouth.

I hate it. I miss Courtney Cox’s smile from the early Friends years.

I’ve tried to watch Cougar Town because it gets good reviews but I can’t stand to see her stretched smile. I think she had her cheeks done and it messed up her mouth. But I’m just speculating here.


Cougar Town Publicity Still



But I don’t need to since I can just flip to Desperate Housewives to see the same smile on Felicity Huffman.



Or Shannon Tweed on Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels.



Or Meg Ryan, who ruined what was once the most beautiful smile in movies.



It makes me appreciate the women with the guts to age the old fashioned way. With smile lines.

Linda Hamilton:


Kathleen Turner:


Sissy Spacek:          


Thanks, ladies, for being examples of class and beauty.

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