Woe! It’s Wednesday: They Put Up a Parking Lot


Is it just me or do drivers need a refresher course on parking lot driving, safety, and etiquette?



I roll out of parking spots veeerrry slowwwwly. I’m usually hemmed in by giant SUVs and I can’t see what’s coming until I’m well into the traffic lane.

About 75% of the time I have to slam on my brakes because someone is barreling down the center of the parking lot. I drive a small-ish white SUV. The backup lights work. There is no way they didn’t see me coming out. If I wasn’t going so slowly, we’d be exchanging contact and insurance information.

Oh, and the laws governing stop signs apply in parking lots as well as out on the street. That means coming to a full and complete. S.T.O.P.

I know it’s a lost cause.

But it bugs me.

1 comment:

  1. Parking lots, four-way stops, wherever--the rule seems to be that the larger vehicle has the right of way.
    Like you, I drive a small SUV. The only revenge I have is to pull up to a gas pump when one of those behemoths has just pulled away and see the cost of what they just put into that gas guzzler.