Book Talk Tuesday: Stained Glass Hearts

Some books I pass on to others I think will enjoy them. Some go directly to the donation stack. A rare few have gone straight to the trash. This one is a keeper.

Even though Stained Glass Hearts' subtitle is "Seeing Life From a Broken Perspective," I feel it speaks more to the stale and stagnant. Each chapter includes art, music, poetry, and scripture to give the reader a renewed or different perspective of God and His grace. I loved the suggestions and the quotes sprinkled throughout the book. Patsy's stories of brokenness add her unique personality to the pages.

Broken glass can be pieced together to form beautiful pictures and Patsy shows how broken lives can be healed and shaped into something grace-filled and God-glorifying. She talks about the importance of having a new perspective and seeing our brokenness as opportunities for growth. With examples from her own life, Patsy encourages the reader to start small, believe big, and emerge strong.

I will be shelving this book right next to my copy of Madeleine L'Engle's Walking on Water and Luci Shaw's The Crime of Living Cautiously. I turn to these when I need a fresh perspective, a renewed vision, or to kindle my creativity. Patsy Clairmont's Stained Glass Hearts is a worthy companion to those volumes.

I received a free copy of Stained Glass Hearts from Thomas Nelson's Book Sneeze program but this did not influence my review.


  1. I agree that broken glass can be pieced together to form a beautiful picture. Same as giving all the aspects of our lives, we can become beautiful in God's eyes.