Woe! It's Wednesday: Movies and Books and Civil Rights ... Oh my!

I'm really kind of obnoxious about having to read a book before I see the movie. I've admitted it before.
I saw The Help over the weekend. I read the book last year and loved it so I was looking forward to the movie, albeit with some trepidation.
Hollywood isn't exactly known for it's faithful adaptions (e.g. My Sister's Keeper) but everything I read about the movie indicated that they were adhering closely to the book. The director was a friend of the author's. The actress cast as Minnie was a friend of both theirs. I figured chances were good they weren't going to muck up the story. And they didn't.
I loved both the book and the movie.
But then today I read an article about how some people are angry with the movie (and I presume the book). They said it trivializes the Civil Rights Movement.
I disagree.
It never claims to be a Civil Rights movie.
It's about courage.
It's about faith.
It's about doing the right thing.
That crosses color, neighborhood, and economic lines.
Read it. Watch it. Make up your own mind.

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